Setting the Significant Digits of Numbers and the Rounding Method

You can set the significant digits of numbers and the rounding method for the following fields:

  • Number
  • Calculated (if the date format is set to "Number")

If you have any formula that combines multiple fields, this setting is applied to each field value used in that formula.

  1. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, select "App Settings" tab > "Advanced Settings", and then select Misc Settings.

  2. Set the "Total Number of Digits", "Number of Decimal Places to Round", and "Rounding".

    • Total Number of Digits
      Specify the maximum total number of digits that includes the decimal part, between the integer 1 to 30.
      The number of digits for the integral part can be entered up to the number of the "Total Number of Digits" minus the "Number of Decimal Places to Round".
    • Number of Decimal Places to Round
      Set the significant digits of the decimal part with an integer between 0 and 10.
    • Rounding
      You can select "Round to nearest even number", "Round up", or "Round down" as the rounding method for the decimal part.
      If you select the "Round to nearest even number" option, fraction smaller than 0.5 will be rounded down, and fraction greater than 0.5 will be rounded up. Fraction equals to 0.5 will be rounded to the nearest even result.
      "Round off" and "Round to nearest even number" differs in the way to treat the case where fraction equals to 0.5. "Round to nearest even number" rounds down or rounds up to the nearest even result.
      See "Setting Round Off, Round Down, or Round Up".
  3. Click "Save" on the upper left side of the screen.