Posting Comments on Records

Article Number:040463

You can post comments on a record to communicate with your team, linking conversations to the record data.

When a comment is posted on a record in an app, a notification is sent to the users specified in the General Notifications settings. If there are users mentioned with '@' in the comment, a "To Me" notification is sent to them regardless of the notification settings of the app. Note that no notification is sent to users who do not have permission to view the record.

The following are the steps to post a comment on a record.

  1. Click on the comment input field located on the right side of the "Record Details" screen.
    If the comment input field is hidden, click the Comments button to show the input field. The "Comments" icon

  2. Enter your comment.
    As necessary, mention users with '@' to direct your comment to specific users.

  3. Click Post.

You have successfully posted a comment.
Image of the posted comment

Posted comments display the following information.

  • Date and time at which the comment is posted
    The date and time is displayed at the upper right of the comment. It works as a unique link (permalink) to the comment. Clicking the date and time opens the link to the comment. It is also possible to right-click the date and time and use the feature of your Web browser to copy the permalink.

  • Like
    You can express your positive reaction to the comment or indicate that you have read the comment.
    Liking Comments

  • Reply / Reply to All
    You can click Reply to create a reply that contains a mention (@mention) to the user who posted the comment.
    You can click Reply to All to create a reply that contains mentions (@mentions) to users, departments, and groups mentioned in the comment as well as the user who posted the comment.

  • Permalink
    You can display the link to the comment.

  • Delete
    You can delete the comment you posted. Delete will not be displayed for comments posted by other users.

You can adjust the width of the Comments section by dragging the left edge of the section.
Screenshot: Adjusting the width of the Comments section