Checking Company Codes, Domain IDs, or Subdomain Names

You can check company codes, domain IDs, and subdomain names in Store or in the Users & System Administration screen.

  • Company Code
    Starts with uppercase "C", followed by a 9-digit number.
    Example: C000XXXXXX
  • Domain ID
    Starts with lowercase "c", followed by numbers. The number of digits varies depending on customers.
    Example: cXXXXX
  • Subdomain Name
    Used as Access URL of your environment. You can check this by referring to the Access URL.
    Example: https://subdomain

Checking in Store Store administrator can log in to Store, and check company codes, domain IDs, or subdomain names in the "Services License" section.

Checking in the Users & System Administration Screen

Open the "Users & System Administration" screen as a user with administrative permission.

You can check subdomain names and domain IDs in the "Service Usage" section.

To check company codes, click "Service Usage" > Payment Details, and then check the "Company information" in "Payment Details".

You can also check the domain ID and the subdomain name displayed under "Domain Name".

* If you do not see the Payment Details, check the information in Store.