What Can I Do by Integrating kintone and Garoon?

You can use the following four integration functions in kintone and Garoon. By utilizing database functionality in kintone and groupware functionality in Garoon, you can generate synergy.

  • Schedule integration
  • Portal integration
  • Space integration
  • User info integration

You need to activate Garoon in order to use the integration functions. If you have not activated Garoon, refer to the "How To Add Garoon Service" section.

What You Can Do in the Integration Functions

Schedule Integration

You can display information managed by kintone apps in the schedule section of Garoon. You can also view schedules that are set in Garoon, or create schedules to be set in Garoon from kintone apps.
For example, you can associate customer information managed by kintone with schedules set in Garoon.

In order to realize schedule integration, you need to configure Garoon Scheduler Connector plugin. You also need to configure Garoon settings.
For details, see the "Setting Up Garoon Scheduler Connector" page.

* Garoon Scheduler Connector is available only for users who have kintone Standard license.

Portal Integration

You can view kintone notifications, graphs, and tables in Garoon portal.
You can also click kintone's graphs or tables in Garoon, to check their details in kintone.

To realize portal integration, follow the steps described below.

  1. Copy the embed tag.

    • If you want to display kintone's graphs or tables in Garoon:
      In the record view screen of the app, select a graph that you want to display in Garoon, click Save button on the upper right, and then click Embed Tag to copy the tag.
    • If you want to display kintone notifications in Garoon:
      Copy the embed tag by referring to the HTML sample of the kintone Updates portlet.
  2. Set the HTML portlet in Garoon, and then paste the embed tag you copied in step 1.
    For details, see the "HTML Portlet Settings" page.

  3. Place the portlet you created in step 2 in Garoon portal.
    For details, see the "Adding Portlets" page.

Space Integration

You can add kintone apps to Garoon spaces to make projects go smoothly.
For example, by associating customer information and surveys managed by kintone, you can streamline projects and operations.

For details on how to add apps to Garoon spaces, see the "Kintone App Settings" page.

User Info Integration

You can unify the management of user info and organization info even when using kintone and Garoon services.
Open the Users & System Administration screen as a user with administrative permission, and select Departments & Users to create users and set organization information.

How To Add Garoon Service

In order to utilize schedule integration, portal integration, or space integration, Garoon service needs to be added for users concerned.

To add the service, open the Users & System Administration screen as a user with administrative permission, and select Departments & Users.

Click Edit user icon, select Garoon as a service to use, and then click Save.