When You Cannot Receive E-mail Notifications

If you cannot receive e-mail notifications, there can be following causes:

1. Required settings for e-mail notifications have not been configured
2. Notifications are not sent to kintone Portal
3. Notifications concerned are not subjected to e-mail notifications
4. You cannot receive e-mail notifications due to e-mail server/e-mail client settings
5. The same e-mail address is used for multiple users

Refer to the following topics on how to solve these problems.

1. Required Settings for E-mail Notifications Have Not Been Configured

Steps to solve the problem differs depending on whether you cannot receive e-mail notifications at all, or you can receive some e-mail notifications but not others.

When You Cannot Receive E-mail Notifications at All

Check Users & System Administration and kintone Administration about whether e-mail notifications are enabled.

Once you ensure that the Administration settings are configured correctly, next check your personal settings about whether E-mail Notifications is set to Never send notifications.

When You Can Receive Some E-mail Notifications but Not Others

If you cannot receive some e-mail notifications, check the following settings.

Checking the Settings in the System Administration

  1. Open the System Administration screen.
    Opening the System Administration Screen

  2. From the Other category, click Feature Activation.

  3. Check the settings in E-mail Notifications.
    You may not receive some e-mail notifications if Send REST API notifications by e-mail is disabled. Enable the setting if you want to receive notifications by e-mail for REST API actions on Kintone.
    What Can I Do with "Send REST API notifications by e-mail"? メール通知の設定の画像

  4. Click Save if you changed any setting.

Checking Your Personal Settings about Which Notifications to Be Received by E-mail

  1. Click Gear icon in the upper-right of the screen, and then click Personal Settings. 個人設定を開く画面
  2. Check the E-mail Notifications setting.
    If "Only To Me" is selected, notifications are not sent to you by e-mail unless you are specified as the recipient. Select "All notifications" if you want to receive all notifications by e-mail.
  3. Click Save if you changed any setting.

2. Notifications Are Not Sent to kintone Portal

When notifications are not sent to kintone Portal, e-mail notifications are not sent as well.
For details, see the When You Cannot Receive "Notifications" page.

3. Notifications Concerned Are Not Subjected to E-mail Notifications

Some notifications, such as notifications to comment posters who get Likes, are not sent by e-mails.
You must check whether notifications concerned are subjected to e-mail notifications.
Notifications that are excluded from E-mail Notifications are listed in the "Notes" section of the When and to Whom Notifications Are Sent page.
You can also send such notification, to check whether you receive that notification by e-mail.

4. You Cannot Receive E-mail Notifications Due to E-mail Server/E-Mail Client Settings

The reason might be one of the following.

  • If the "To" section is empty, e-mail server does not receive e-mails by default
    "Bcc" addresses are used to send e-mails to recipients of e-mail notifications.
    Depending on the e-mail server used, e-mails might be filtered out if the "To" section is empty.
    You need to check the settings of the mail server.

  • E-mails from the sender's address are denied
    Change the setting to allow e-mails from the sender.

5. The Same E-mail Address Is Used for Multiple Users

If "Destination e-mail address", "Date/Time sent", and "Message" of e-mail notifications are the same, only one e-mail is sent.
kintone notifications are sent to each user, but e-mail notifications are put together.
Consider setting different e-mail addresses to users who receive e-mail notifications.