Cannot Receive Push Notifications in My Mobile App

If you cannot receive push notifications in kintone Mobile apps, possible causes are as follows.

1. No "To Me" notifications have been sent to you.
2. You have not logged in to the mobile app.
3. Push notification is not enabled on your mobile device.
4. You are not able to receive notification for some reason such as poor signal quality.

Described below are the steps to solve these problems.

1. No "To Me" Notifications Have Been Sent to You

When you receive "To Me" notifications in kintone, that notifications will be pushed to your mobile device.
Access kintone to check whether you have received any "To Me" notification.

2. You Have Not Logged in to the Mobile App

Log in to kintone Mobile as a user who receives notifications.
Users & System Administrator might have configured client certificate authentication or Basic authentication for the login.

3. Push Notification Is Not Enabled on Your Mobile Device

Enable the notification setting on the device where you installed your mobile app.

4. You Are Not Able to Receive Notification for Some Reasons Such as Poor Signal Quality

Connect to the Internet and check if you can receive push notifications.
Depending on the specification of your mobile device, following problems might occur.

  • Possible delays in receiving notifications
  • Some notifications cannot be received

Depending on the specification of Android OS or iOS, there might be cases where you cannot receive push notifications.
kintone does not re-push the notification that you did not receive.
If you are using Android 6 or later device, you also need to check whether the device is switched to "Doze mode".