Guest User's Trial/Required/Not Required License

There are three license types, "Trial", "Required", and "Not required", for guest users.
You can check the licenses and usage statuses of guest users in the "Guest Management" screen of kintone Administration.

  • Trial

The guest user is trying the service.
Guest User's 30-day trial period starts on the date when that user is invited to the guest space and log in to that space for the first time.
That guest user can use the guest space for free during the trial period.

  • Required

The trial period has expired and the service is switched to the production environment.
When the 30-day trial expires, the license status is automatically changed from "Trial" to "Required". If guest users continue to use the guest space after expiration of their trial periods, license need to be purchased for the number of such guest users. For details on the purchasing method, see the "How to Purchase the Guest User Option" page.
Service will not automatically be charged even after the guest user's license status is changed to "Required".

  • Not required

Link Account is activated.
Guest users can use the service for free when the Link Account is activated.