A "You Do Not Have Permission to Access This Service" Message Appears and Cannot Access kintone

If you try to access the URL of the service that is not specified as an available service, a message "You do not have permission to access this service. Code: CB_NO02" is displayed and your access is denied.
 For example, if a user who is allowed to use only Garoon tries to access the URL of kintone (https://subdomain name.cybozu.com/k/), the user will see this error message.


Take one of the following actions.

If You Can Access Users & System Administration

  1. Access "https://subdomain name.cybozu.com/" and click Users & System Administration.
  2. Click Departments & Users under "User Administration".
  3. Click the edit button next to the target user name.
    The "Edit User" screen opens.
  4. Select kintone in the "Available Services" section, and then click Save.

For details on how to check and configure available services, refer to "Assigning Services to Users" page.

If You Cannot Access Users & System Administration

Ask your Users & System Administrator to check if the target user is allowed to use kintone.
Users & System Administrator can check and configure services that users can use.