Specifying Comment Recipients

In the comment field in App, Space, and People, you can specify recipients.
When a recipient is specified, the notification is sent to the recipient and the recipient see it as the "To Me" notification.
The Difference Between "To Me" Notifications and Other Notifications

Recipients can be specified in the following ways:

  • Specifying users, departments, or groups as the recipient
  • Replying to Other Users' Comments

Specifying Users, Departments, or Groups as the Recipient

You can specify users, departments, or groups as the recipient.

In an app with the permission setting or in a private space, any user who cannot view the comment cannot be specified as the comment recipient. And when a department or group is specified as a comment recipient, among the users in the specified department or group, only those who can view the comment will be the recipient.

  1. Click "Mention" in the comment field, or enter '@' (half-width at mark) in the comment field.

  2. Enter the recipient.
    Recipient candidates are displayed according to your entry. The following items of recipient information are the targets in the search.

    • If a recipient is a user:
      • Display Name
      • Localized Name
      • Phonetic name of the user's first name and family name
      • Login Name
    • If a recipient is a department:
      • Name
      • Localized Name
      • department code
    • If a recipient is a group:
      • Name
      • Group Code
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to select a recipient, and then press the "Enter" key.
    Or, use the mouse to perform the same operation.
    If the recipient is correctly specified, it appears as shown on the screenshot below. Multiple recipients can be specified.

Replying to Other Users' Comments

When you want to reply to another user's comment, click "Reply" or "Reply to All" from the comment.


When you click "Reply", the user who posted the comment is specified as the recipient.
When you click "Reply to All", the user who posted the comment, and any other recipient users, departments, and groups for the comment are specified as the recipient.