What Happens If Disk Capacity or the Number of Users Exceeds the Limits?

If the disk capacity or the number of users exceeds the upper limit, the service will become unavailable after a certain amount of time, instead of immediately halted.

When one of these values exceeds the licensed limits, an e-mail notification is sent to cybozu.com Store administrator, or a message is displayed in the Users & System Administration screen.
An e-mail notification starts to be sent once a day from the next day of the date when the limit is exceeded. You cannot stop it as long as the limit is exceeded.

You must immediately add disk capacity or users, or decrease the disk usage or the number of users.
How Can I Reduce the Disk Usage?

Adding Disk Capacity or the Number of Users

As a cybozu.com Store administrator, log in to cybozu.com Store and click Purchase.
Contact your vendor if you purchased the license from a Cybozu official partner.

  • To add disk capacity:
    Select additional storage as an optional service. You can add disk capacity in a unit of 10 GB, up to 10 TB.
  • To add licensed users:
    Select a service to add the number of users and change the contact details.

Decreasing the Number of Users

Decrease the number of users by suspending or deleting inactive users.
Open the "Users & System Administration" screen as a user with administrative permission, and select Departments & Users.

Click Edit User icon for the user whom you want to suspend or delete.

Click Active to suspend or Delete This User to delete the user.