Unable to Save Records with \\"(Cannot Display the Item Name)\\" Error (for App Administrators)

Access permission error

If a user receives "(Cannot display the item name)" message when saving records, that user might not have view permission for the field where that error occurred.
This problem cannot be solved by the user who created the record. That user needs to ask the app administrator to check app settings.

App administrator can identify the problematic field, by checking permissions set for fields in the app. Steps to check permissions for fields are as follows.

Checking Permissions for Fields

  1. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, select "App Settings" tab > "Permissions", and then select Fields.

  2. Check the fields for their permissions.

Changing the Setting That Caused the Error

Change the permission setting for the problematic field so that record creator can view that field. You can also change the field setting to suppress the error when saving records.
You have the following basic solutions.


  • Delete the permission setting for the field.
  • Set the field view permission to Everyone.
  • Add appropriate users/departments/groups, and set the field view permission to them.
    See "Setting Permission for Fields".
  • Adding or Changing the Members of a Group (or Role)
  • In the form screen, exclude the field in question from the required fields.
  • In the form screen, fix the cause of the problem (such as default setting, character limit, and required field setting) for the field in question.

After you tried the solutions described above, check whether the user can save records.