Is It Possible to Restore Bulk Deleted Multiple Apps at One Time?

If you had deleted multiple related apps in bulk and then restored any of them, app that is referred to by the restored app is also restored. Further, if there is any other app which is referred to by those restored apps, that app will also be restored.
However, apps that refer to the apps to be restored will not be restored.

Example: Bulk delete apps A, B, C, and D, and then restore App A
If you restore App A, App B which is referred to by App A, and App C which is referred to by App B will be restored together with App A. However, App D which refers to App A will not be restored. Restore it independently if necessary. Image

Steps to Restore Bulk Deleted Multiple Apps

In this example, apps A, B, and C are bulk deleted, and then restore app A.

  1. Confirm "name of app A", "possible date and time of deletion", and "user who may have deleted the app" as much possible as you can.

  2. Check the audit log in the "Users & System Administration" screen, and identify the "App ID" of app A based on the information you confirmed in step 1.

  3. Open the system administration screen, click Restoring App/Space, enter the App ID, and then click Restore. Image
    The "Restore App" dialog opens, displaying the apps that were referenced by app A. These apps will be restored together.

  4. Click Restore This App.
    Apps that were displayed in the "Restore App" dialog are restored in bulk, and the message notifying the completion of the restore is displayed on the upper side of the screen.