Setting the Activated Features

You can activate or deactivate the following features individually:

  • E-mail Notifications
  • Space
  • Guest Space
  • People and Message

By default, the features are set as follows:

Default Status of the Features
Feature Default
E-mail Notifications Activated
Space Activated
Guest Space Activated
People and Message Activated
Use Legacy Feature Deactivated

  1. Click Settings Gear icon in the upper right of the kintone screen to open kintone Administration. Open Administration

  2. Click "Feature Activation". Screen for Feature Activation

  3. Select the check boxes of the features that you want to activate.
    Screen for Feature Activation

    • For details on E-mail Notifications, see Enabling E-mail Notifications.

    • Even when you deactivate Space or People, existing data is retained.
      However, the notifications issued before deactivation will disappear after 70 days since they were sent.

  4. Click "Save".