Setting Up Garoon Scheduler Connector

"Garoon Scheduler Connector" is a free plug-in that connects kintone and the Scheduler of Garoon Cloud.
With this plug-in, customer information and other data that is managed on kintone can be associated with appointments that are managed in Garoon's Scheduler feature.
Garoon website Image
An additional field is added to the "New appointment" screen in Garoon so that users can retrieve information from a connected kintone app.
When an appointment is created by selecting a record to retrieve the information from the app, the appointment is associated with the record in Kintone. Image
The appointments that are associated with a record on the app appear in a list on the record.
This is useful for tracking the history of customer visits. Image

Setting Up Garoon Scheduler Connector

To set up the connector that links kintone and Garoon's Scheduler feature, configure the required settings. Use the following steps:

STEP 1: Set up the form
STEP 2: Add the Garoon Scheduler Connector plug-in
STEP 3: Configure the plug-in
STEP 4: Get the ID of the app
STEP 5: Configure the settings on Garoon Cloud

STEP 1: Set up the Form

In the app's "Form" settings, place a "Blank space" field at the location where you want to display appointments.
After you place the field, specify the "Element ID" in the field's settings.
The placement of other fields is optional. Image Image

STEP 2: Add the Garoon Scheduler Connector Plug-In

Open Plug-ins in kintone System Administration, then Install on Garoon Scheduler Connector plug-in.
Then, add the Garoon Scheduler Connector plug-in to the app. For details on adding plug-ins to apps, see "Adding Plug-ins to an App" page.

STEP 3: Configure the Plug-In

Configure the plug-in that you added in STEP 2, as needed.

  1. Open the app settings page.
    Opening App Settings Page
  2. Click the "App Settings" tab.
  3. From "Customization and Integration", open "Plug-ins". Click the gear icon for "Garoon Scheduler Connector". Image
  4. Fill in the fields and click "Save".
    • Blank Space Field used for Garoon Scheduler
      Select the element ID of the "Space" field (field to display appointments) that you placed in the form in STEP 1.
    • Display Order of Appointments
      Choose "Ascending" or "Descending". Appointments are sorted by the start date and time in the selected order.
    • Max Number of Appointments to Display at a Time
      Choose the maximum number of appointments to be listed per form.
    • New Appointment Button
      Choose whether to display a button for adding an appointment to Garoon. Image
  5. Open "Settings", and click "Update App" and then "OK".

STEP 4: Get the ID of the App

Open the app and the display records to see a URL that includes the ID of the app. This ID will be used to configure the settings on Garoon.
https://subdomain ID/ Image

STEP 5: Configure the Settings on Garoon Cloud

Next, configure settings on Garoon.

  1. Access Garoon, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and select "System settings". Image
  2. Click "Application settings", "Scheduler", and then "Kintone connector". Image
  3. On the "Kintone connector" screen, click "Add associated item" and specify each item.
    • Item name
      Enter the associated item name. The specified name will appear in appointments.
    • Associated appointment type
      • Use in all appointments
        The associated item always appears on the "Appointment details" screen, "Edit appointment" screen, and others.
      • Add appointment type
        The associated item appears on the "Appointment details" screen, "Edit appointment" screen, and others only when the user has selected the appointment type that you added here.
        To enable this item, clear the "Use in all appointments" option.
    • Kintone app
      • App ID
        Enter the app ID that you got in STEP 4.
      • Field Code
        Choose which app items (fields) you want to display in appointments on Garoon.
        Click "Add field code", and select a field from the app that you want to display in appointments. Image Image