Creating a Template from a Space

This section explains how to create a template from an existing space.

Only kintone system administrators can create space templates.
Additionally, the following limits are set on the number of threads and the number of apps in a source space:

  • Maximum Numbers of Threads and Apps in a Space
    Type Maximum
    Thread 10
    In-space app 20

To Create a Template From a Space:

  1. On the portal page of the space from which you want to create a template, click ・・・ on the right side of the screen, and then click "Create Space Template". Image
  2. Enter a name and description of the template. Image a: The name of the template
    b: The description of the template

    The name is up to 30 characters, and the description is up to 200 characters.
  3. Click "Save".
    Created templates can be exported to files.
    For details, see the following page:
    Exporting a Space Template to a File