Changing the Password

This section describes how administrators can change user passwords individually.
If necessary, you can notify the user of the new password via e-mail.

  1. On the "Users & System Administration" page, under "User Administration", click "Departments & Users". Screen of departments and users settings

  2. In the "Departments" box, select the department containing the user whose password you want to change, and then click Icon for the user.
    You can also search users by filling in the search box with the display name or login name of the user.
    Screen to select departments and users

  3. Click "Change Password". Edit User screen

  4. On the "Change Password" dialog box, set a new password for the user.
    Password change dialog box

    How to Create Passwords
    Field Name Description
    Generate automatically You can use the string generated by the service as a password.
    Enter manually You can enter a password manually.
    Use current password Select this to use the current password set by the user.
    When you select this, only Disable password expiration option will be available.
    Password Options
    Field Name Description
    Show password You can view the password hidden behind the black dots (●).
    Note that this check box is not available in Internet Explorer 8.
    Disable password expiration Select this to disable the expiration of a password regardless of how the password policy is configured. Note that this is applied only to the user that you are currently editing.
  5. Save the new password.

    • When You Do Not Notify the User by E-mail
      1. Click Change Password and notify the user of the new password manually. How to save the password when you do not notify the user by e-mail
    • When you notify the user of the new password via e-mail
      1. Set to force users to change their password on their first login.
        Configuring Password Policy
        We recommend that you enable "Force users to change their password on first login" if you want to send users their new passwords via e-mail.
        If you do not enable this setting, skip step 1.
      2. Click "Save and Send via E-mail". How to save the password when you notify the user by e-mail
      3. On the "Send Password via E-mail" dialog box, enter the e-mail address of the recipient of the password, edit the body text if necessary, and then click "Send". Send Password via E-mail dialog box
  6. Check that the user can login to the system using the new password.