Setting Page for Departments

Department details consist of the fields listed below. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*) on the screen.

Field Name Description
Name Display Name Enter the name of the department that will appear in the services.
Localized Name Enter a name for the department that will appear for users who uses the specified language.
department code Enter a code unique to this department. If you leave this field blank, the system sets a string automatically.
Parent Department Select a parent department when you want this department to be the child of another department. You can select a parent department from existing departments.
Description Enter a description of the department.
This description does not appear on any pages other than the "Users & System Administration" page.

Departments can be nested.
On the "New Department" page, you can set a "Parent Department". Or, on the "Departments & Users" page, you can add a child by hovering over the gear icon of the parent department and selecting "Add Child Department".