Notes on Setting up the System E-mail Address

Any e-mail address can be used as the system e-mail address when you use an external server.
There are no restrictions on e-mail addresses to be used as the system e-mail address.
However, security protections for your incoming e-mail server may be configured to block e-mails from
To prevent this, we recommend that you follow the following instructions:

  • Set the system e-mail address to an e-mail address that is already proven to work with your e-mail server.
    Using a proven e-mail address is an effective way to prevent e-mail from being blocked.
    If you cannot use a current e-mail address, create a new e-mail address on your e-mail server and specify it as the system e-mail address.

Additionally, take the following action when your e-mail server enables an IP address filter for security:
  • Register the IP address that is used by to the mail server as an allowed IP address
    For details, refer to the following page:
    IP Addresses That Uses