Creating a Temporary Administrator

A temporary administrator can be created when a member of the Administrators cannot log in, for example, because they forgot their login name. Temporary administrators can be created only by Store Administrators. A temporary administrator will be disabled one hour after it is created.

  1. Log in to Store, select "Domains", and select the " Administrator" tab.
  2. Enter a password for the temporary administrator, and then click "Add". The login name of the temporary administrator is sent to the e-mail address of the Store Administrator.
    The subject of the e-mail is set to the following: [cybozu.com_Store]_Security Settings Configured. Image
  3. Use the login name found in the e-mail and the password that you set in step 2 to log in to as a temporary administrator.
  4. Click " Administration".
    Link icon for the Administration page
  5. Under "User Administration", click "Departments & Users", and then click Icon for the administrator who cannot log in.
  6. Note down the login name or change the password if necessary.
    For details on how to change the password, see the following page:
    Changing the Password Image
  7. Log out and then try to log in to verify that the known login name or new password can work successfully.
    Once you confirm that the new member of the kintone Administrators can log in successfully, delete the temporary administrator. For details on how to delete the temporary administrator, see the following page:
    Deleting Users