Presence Indicators


Presence Indicators is an application that allows you to inform other users that you are available. Users can set their status as "absent" when they are not at their desks so that other users know that they are not available.

Display Overview

This section describes sample screenshots, buttons, and icons used in Presence Indicators.

Screens Where Presence Information is Displayed

Presence information is displayed on the following screens:

User List on the Address Book Screen:

User List on the Address Book Screen


No. Part Description
1 Presence indicator Indicates the user's status. To change the following status, click the corresponding presence indicator as follows:
  • Your own status.

  • The status of another user that has designated you as a proxy.

2 Last updated Indicates the time the status was last updated.
Presence indicators are displayed in the following colors according to when the status is updated:
  • Black: The status is updated today.

  • Red: The status is not updated today.

Presence Indicator Icon

Icon Description
Indicates the user's status. The icon is displayed in the "Scheduler" screen.

Status Types

The following two status types are available by default

Status Description
Absent The user is absent.
At desk The user is available.

This list can be expanded or customized. For more information,
"Customizing the Status List"